Sunday, 13 September 2009


Hello all, this is the first blog for the up-coming exhibition entitled Domesticated with dates and venues in the UK, Starting in Bath Spa Opening October the 8th at the Walcot Chapel 6-9pm.

There is an exciting group of artists showing from all over the UK.  As the curator I will be posting information, interviews, images and thoughts around regarding the title and content of the show.

To start this blog with some context here is a quote from the intro to an excellent book on the subject; Contemporary Art and the Home Ed. Colin Painter

'interest in such a theme is rooted in the continuingly contentious status, 
within the contemporary art world, of the home as a location for art, 
born of modernism's definition of itself in contrast to the domestic.  
Put crudely, the home was characterized as comfortable and reassuring 
while modernism stood for challenge and progress.'


  1. Hi

    Exhibition sounds good, hope it goes well. Is there any chance to see some of the artists' previous work just to get an idea? Look forward to seeing it. Emily

  2. Hi

    Introductions to each artist and info of what they are showing are forthcoming over the next few months before Domesticated moves on from Bath to Swindon so look out for that.

    In the mean time each artist has a website.